3035 Lilac Innovatech Polyester Thread

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Enhance Your Sewing Experience with 3035 Lilac Innovatech Polyester Thread

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Fiber Type



3 Ply


40 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

3,000 yards

Experience the unique sewing craftsmanship with 3035 Lilac Innovatech Polyester Thread. This high-quality thread delivers exceptional performance and is specifically designed to meet the demands of both professional tailors and home sewers. The 3035 Lilac color adds a beautiful touch to your sewing projects, enhancing the overall appearance of your design.

Innovatech's 3035 Lilac Polyester Thread is known for its durability and strength. Despite being thin, it has a high tensile strength which ensures your stitches stay intact and be durable over time. This thread is very smooth, making it easy for you to sew effortlessly, regardless of the fabric used. The thread ensures a consistent stitch formation, thus producing a smooth and beautiful finish.

Wondering how to enhance your quilting projects or decorate your personal items? Look no further! Our 3035 Lilac Innovatech Polyester Thread can be used for quilting, stitching, sewing - whether you're patching up clothes, creating new designs, or working on embroidery. It's the perfect addition to your sewing kit. Grab yours today and experience the beauty of creating art with high quality threads. Happy sewing!