3002 Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread

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Discover the Versatility of 3002 Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread

Previous stock number PW03.

Fiber Type



3 Ply


40 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

3,000 yards

Introducing the 3002 Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread, designed specifically for sewing enthusiasts and professionals. This high-quality thread is known for its robust nature, lending durability to your sewing projects.

Innovatech Polyester Threads are made using the finest polyester, ensuring high-color retention even after multiple washes. Therefore, it’s particularly useful in creations that require consistent color and quality. The 3002 Lake color variant brings in an exquisite charm, perfect for adding a unique touch to your work.

Beyond its versatility, the Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread stands out for its superior performance. It provides excellent stitch consistency and reduces thread breaks, making your sewing process smooth and effortless. Its superior tensile strength ensures your seams hold tight, giving your projects a professional finish.

Proving its versatility, the 3002 Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread serves various purposes. You can use it in embroidery, quilting, or even in crafting durable home décor items. Its superior quality, coupled with its enriching color, makes it a must-have in your sewing kit. Don’t wait, try our 3002 Lake Innovatech Polyester Thread today and witness your creations come to life!