When you purchase a machine from Linda's Electric Quilters, you will receive training at delivery from the INNOVA delivering team and also a day of new owner training at our location in McKinney.

All classes come with all the basics needed to run your new machine. Loading, Threading, Basic Care, Education on Threads, Battings and supplies to use and why.

M Series Freehand Training - We show you how to do Pantographs and some basic freehand techniques in addition to above. Up to 2 people in a class with Dianna 

M Series with PantoVision- We show you how to use all the functions of the software while you do a sampler quilt with addition to above. Up to 2 people in a class with Corey 

M Series with AutoPilot MACH 3- We show you how to do all the basics in E2E, Sashing, Borders, Mask, Text, Trim and more- 1 on 1 instruction with Corey 

Classes are setup with the new owner once the machine is ordered.

All new owner classes are hands on!


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