6015 Mocha Innovatech Polyester Thread

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Discover 6015 Mocha Innovatech Polyester Thread

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Fiber Type



3 Ply


40 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

6,000 yards

The 6015 Mocha Innovatech Polyester Thread is the ultimate choice for individuals who love sewing. The high-quality polyester guarantees strength and durability - perfect for any kind of sewing project. This innovative thread comes in a beautiful 6015 Mocha shade, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to any creation.

With its superior strength, the Innovatech Polyester Thread not only promises longevity but also ensures reliable performance. Its versatility allows it to be used for machine sewing, hand sewing, embroidery, and even quilting. Easy on the hands and the machine, this thread is designed for smooth and hassle-free sewing.

Whether you're a professional tailor or a beginner, this 6015 Mocha Innovatech Polyester Thread is the best addition to your sewing kit. It effortlessly glides through any type of fabric, making it a breeze to sew or mend your clothes, craft projects, or any DIY project you have in mind. Experience the difference with our 6015 Mocha Innovatech Polyester Thread!