Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool 96" Batting Roll


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Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is a wonderful blend of 80% fine cotton and 20% super-washed wool. It is designed for hand quilting, as well as for machine and long-arm projects, and resists bunching and fiber migration.

Shipped in a box to prevent damage.

The addition of the wool adds a wonderful loft, which gives greater detail to the stitching pattern, and the wool also lends a nice drape and softness without the stability of the batting being compromised.

Size- 96" wide by 30 yards

Pre-washing is not recommended for this or any of our other quality batting products.

Type: Approx. Loft Shrinkage Distance Between Stitches
80% Cotton, 20% Wool
1/8"+ 3-5% 4"
Hand Quilting Machine Quilting Dark Fabrics Light Fabrics
Excellent Excellent Excellent
Test With Fabric
Test With Fabric

* For optimal results always test with your fabric

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