133 Meadow MasterPiece Cotton Thread

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About 133 Meadow MasterPiece Cotton Thread

Staple Egyptian-grown cotton for piecing, applique, and detail quilting.

Fiber Type



3 Ply


50 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

2,500 yards

133 Meadow MasterPiece Cotton Thread is the premier choice for artisans and professionals alike, known for its supreme quality and durability. This cotton thread is made to last and will make your creations stand out with its radiant colour and long-lasting performance.

Meadow MasterPiece stands out with its unique 133 colour, a stunning hue that captures the freshness of a blooming meadow. The thread is 100% cotton, offering you a smooth, high-quality sewing experience. It is ideal for quilting, embroidery, and crafting projects that require a durable and vibrant thread.

Reliability and performance are part of the Meadow MasterPiece’s brand. With its thread's unmatched strength, you can trust light-weight 133 colour thread for all your sewing projects. Get your hands on the 133 Meadow MasterPiece Cotton Thread and give your crafts the quality and brilliance they deserve.