375 Zen Zen Kimono Silk Thread Spool

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375 Zen Zen Kimono Silk Thread Spool

Kimono Silk is a very fine, 100% premium multi-filament silk. Ideal for hand and invisible machine applique, detail quilting and lacework


2 Ply


100 Weight

Cone Size (Yards)

220 yards

The 375 Zen Zen Kimono Silk Thread Spool is a high-quality, durable thread designed for a variety of sewing projects. Made from 100% pure silk, this thread offers superior strength and resilience, making it ideal for demanding sewing tasks such as kimono sewing and embroidery.

With its lustrous finish, this thread not only ensures robust stitches but also adds a touch of luxury to your craftsmanship. The silk thread comes in a generous spool of 375, providing ample thread for your projects. This makes it a cost-effective choice for professional seamstresses and hobbyists alike.

Choosing the 375 Zen Zen Kimono Silk Thread Spool guarantees you excellent sewing performance. With its impressive durability and luxurious appeal, this silk thread series is an essential addition to your sewing kit. Experience the difference today.