921 Light Olive Signature Cotton Thread


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Why Choose Our 921 Light Olive Signature Cotton Thread?

This cotton quilting thread is the perfect choice for those purists preferring cotton through and through. The three-ply, long-staple fiber construction, combined with the mercerization and finishing processes this fiber passes through, all contribute to the superior strength, luster, and low lint properties of this high quality thread. Whether you're using free motion techniques, high speed multi-directional designs, or just doing general sewing, you'll enjoy excellent sewability on both longarm quilting and home sewing machines.

Fiber Type Cotton
Ply 3 Ply
Tex/Weight Tex 40
Cone Size (Yards) 3,000 yards
Cone Height 4.5 in

Our 921 Light Olive Signature Cotton Thread is not just your average thread. This thread has been specially designed to give your sewing projects a high-quality finish. Its light olive color adds a unique touch to your creations, making them stand out from the crowd. Whether you're an established sewer or just starting out, this thread will definitely cater to your needs.

Made from 100% pure cotton, this high-quality thread is known for its durability. It is sturdy, able to withstand high tension stitching without breaking. This means you can trust it to hold your projects together, giving them longevity. Additionally, it manages to achieve this strength while maintaining a soft texture, making it easy to work with.

The 921 Light Olive Signature Cotton Thread is also known for its lustrous finish. When stitched onto fabric, it provides a beautiful sheen that enhances the overall look of your sewing project. This lustrous finish doesn't fade even after several washes, ensuring your projects continue looking their best for a long time.

In conclusion, this thread is a great choice for all your sewing, crafting, and DIY projects. It not only provides high strength and a lustrous finish, but it also brings a touch of elegance to your work with its light olive color. Shop now and bring your projects to life with our 921 Light Olive Signature Cotton Thread!