Blue Grunge Basics Tori 44"/45" Per Yard

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Experience Blue Grunge Basics Tori 44"/45" All the Way

Grunge Basics from Moda Fabrics is one of our favorite blenders ever! Grunge is great for adding that little extra something to a quilt, like texture and depth. In this assortment of Grunge Basics, you'll find an impressive array of colors to choose from.

Brand: Moda Fabrics

Collection: Grunge Basics

Designer: BasicGrey

Material: 100% Cotton

Width: 44" / 45"

The Blue Grunge Basics Tori 44"/45" Fabric is a beautiful and versatile material, perfect for a variety of projects. This high-quality fabric is known for its striking design, characterized by an effective grunge effect and stunning blue color. With it being extra wide, you get more fabric per yard, providing tremendous value for your money.

Whether it's for home decor or DIY sewing projects, this fabric is a fantastic choice. Its unique grunge design can give an edgy yet sophisticated look to your creations. The blue color also provides a soothing effect that is stylish and calming at the same time.

The quality of the Blue Grunge Basics Tori fabric is unparalleled. It's made to last, ensuring that your designs, projects, or decor stand the test of time. Stylish, affordable, and dependable, it's no wonder it's a popular choice for many. Order now, experience the quality of Blue Grunge Basics Tori 44"/45" Fabric by the Yard today!