BobbinSaver Royal Purple - Jumbo M Size


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Experience the Superiority of BobbinSaver Royal Purple - Jumbo M Size

  • Stores 20+ metal and plastic Jumbo bobbins
  • Bobbins fit snugly into flexible plastic channel and stay in place, even when turned upside down
  • Worry-free bobbin storage, keeps bobbin threads from unwinding or becoming tangled
  • Bobbins are easy to see and remove

Bobbins not included

BobbinSaver Royal Purple - Jumbo M Size is the ideal choice for your sewing kit. This product is renowned for its sturdiness, durability and elegance. It is versatile and can fit any kind of sewing machine. This notion helps with organizing the bobbins and keeps them from becoming tangled.

The BobbinSaver is a premier Jumbo M Size bobbin holder, built with top-notch materials to ensure that it can withstand all your sewing projects. Its vibrant royal purple color makes it easy to locate in your sewing kit and adds a dash of creativity and fun to your projects.

This standout amongst notions is easy to use. When you need a certain bobbin, you can effortlessly pluck it out without causing other bobbins to fall out or become disorganized. The BobbinSaver in Royal Purple, Jumbo M Size is a treasure for novices as well as accomplished seamstresses.