60A Fire Pantograph by Linda V. Taylor

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About 60A Fire Pantograph by Linda V. Taylor

Beautiful continuous line pantograph pattern designed by Linda V. Taylor measures 121" long and comes with the following sizes.

  • 2.5"
  • 5"
  • 15" (Double 7 ")

Need the pattern to be longer than 121"?

Pro tip: Find where the pattern repeats, mark that point on yourpattern shield and shift the pattern down to make it meet up. This allows you to "extend" the size of the pattern to accommodate those larger quilts:)

The 60A Fire Pantograph is an exceptional pattern created by renowned quilting expert Linda V. Taylor. Each pattern in the LT Pantograph line is designed to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your quilting projects. This pattern, specifically, represents the blazing beauty and intensity of fire.

The 60A Fire Pantograph goes beyond being a simple pattern. It is a work of art that brings beauty and flair to any quilt. Its flowing lines and intricate design bring a feel of movement and vitality to your work, providing an almost 3D effect that is quite captivating.

Whether you're a professional quilter or a newbie, using the LT Pantograph Pattern will elevate your skills and creativity. The 60A Fire Pantograph, in particular, allows you to create different designs with its varying line detail. Try it out today and experience what it feels like to work with a top-notch quilting pattern.