Crosshatch Circle Template Set

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Crosshatch Circle Template Set

Crosshatch Circle Template Set:

This exclusive design by Linda V. Taylor is used for perfect crosshatching lines.

Each set contains several 1/4" thick acrylic circles in the following sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 1 3/4". The circle is used by placing the template around the hopping foot, thus making the hopping foot size larger each time. Then, a ruler is placed beside the template. By using each one of the templates in order, you will achieve perfect crosshatching in 1/4" increments! (Also can be used as individual circles, or you can use them to enlarge any oval or circle template.)  For use with the 9/16" to a 1/4" hopping foot. (please note: with some machines that do not have the exact same size hopping foot as the Gammill original foot, it may be necessary to trim down the opening in the circles with some emery cloth on a dowel to sand just a little bit, if your hopping foot is slightly larger. Also, if your hopping foot is slightly smaller, it is easy to simply add a couple pieces of masking tape to your foot, and they fit more snugly)  If you have the Quick Change Foot System on your Gammill, make sure to use the hopping foot that had the adapter on it when you got them, not the ruler foot.

Note- they DO NOT fit the APQS, BabyLock Crown Jewel, Handiquilter, INNOVA, Prodigy, Tinlizzie or Nolting. You can normally make them fit with a few layers of masking tape or duck tape.  You would the tape on the inside of the crosshatch circle until it fits tightly around the your foot.

Once they are opened, they cannot be returned.

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