Hobbs Heirloom 100% Cotton King Size Batting Case

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Premium Hobbs Heirloom 100% Cotton King Size Batting Case

Exquisite Quality of Hobbs Heirloom Cotton King Size Batting Case

 King Size- 120" x 120" Case of 4

Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 100% Natural Cotton with Scrim Batting is designed for quilters who enjoy using natural cotton batting and who are seeking extra strength in that batting.

Strong, but also soft (and softer after each washing), Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 100% Natural Cotton with Scrim Batting is perfect for quilts where a low loft is desired.

This soft and pliable batting is made with very clean, high-grade, unbleached, long-staple, virgin cotton (which proudly displays the Cotton Incorporated Seal) combined with a very thin, polyester scrim (stabilizer) which is needle-punched into the cotton fibers. This scrim provides superior strength to the cotton, and prevents the cotton batting from stretching and distorting as it is manipulated.

Pre-washing is not recommended for this or any of Hobbs other quality batting products.


Approx. Loft


Distance Between Stitches

100% Unbleached Cotton

Needle-punched with Polyester Binder



4″ max.

Hand Quilting

Machine Quilting

Dark Fabrics

Light Fabrics

Test with Fabric



Test with Fabric

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The Hobbs Heirloom 100% Cotton King Size Batting Case is a phenomenal choice for quilting enthusiasts, craft artists, and sewing personnel. Made from premium quality cotton, it gives a comfortable and soft texture that is hard to find in most batting cases.

Considered as the gold standard for cotton batting, the Hobbs Heirloom comes in a generous size of 120-inches by 120-inches. Each batting case contains 10 distinct parts, allowing you to have an ample supply for multiple quilting or craft projects.

With its supreme usability, it sticks easily to the fabric and can be stitched either by machine or by hand with a maximum distance of 4 inches apart. Not to mention, it is pre-shrunk and machine washable making it a convenient option for regular use.

With an impeccable reputation for providing the best batting products, the brand Hobbs ensures the Heirloom fuses durability and comfort. Its density is superior to its competitors, allowing for excellent insulation and a longer lifespan.

Perfect for traditional and contemporary quilts or wall hangings, the Hobbs Heirloom Cotton King Size Batting Case is a must-have for every quilter's toolbox. Its softness and easy handling make your quilting experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Hobbs Heirloom 100% Cotton King Size Batting Case is the ideal must-have for every quilting enthusiast. Made using 100% natural cotton, it offers unbeatable softness and comfort. It's notable for its versatility and durability, ensuring optimum results for any quilting project.

The king-sized batting authenticates an ample amount for multiple projects, presenting value at its peak. Stitch this super soft cotton batting up to 4 inches apart, and witness the fantastic drape and breathability afforded by nature's most loved fiber.

Hobbs Heirloom batting has been a favourite among quilters for many years due to its exceptional quality, ease of use, and results that speak for themselves. The batting's resiliency allows it to maintain its shape and loft even after multiple washings. Embrace the delightful quilting experience or present it as a gift to your loved ones passionate about crafting and quilting.