Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag

SKU: MGCBB-60250

Size: M Style
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Unparalleled Quality with Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag

Magna-Glide Classics are produced using 60wt. filament polyester thread on a patented magnetic-core that creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic-core prevents backlash or over spin & eliminates the need for backlash springs.

M Style - Bag of 10 Bobbins. 210 yards per bobbin.

L Style - Bag of 20 Bobbins. 130 yards per bobbin.

Dive into the world of continuous polyester filaments with the Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag. This invaluable sewing accessory showcases unmatched uniformity and functionality, ensuring your sewing projects run smoothly.

With its high-quality construction, the Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag not only enhances stitch formation but also helps in maintaining consistent tension. Its unique design limits thread lint and seam puckering, which makes it a preferred choice among both hobbyists and professionals.

In the Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag, every bobbin is meticulously wound and equipped with a magnetic core. This allows for seamless sewing experiences regardless of the complexity of your design. Furthermore, these bobbins come in a reusable bag, promoting sustainability and convenience for users.

Experience the difference with the Navy Magna-Glide Classic #60 Bobbins Bag. A staple in every sewing kit, it promises longevity and efficiency, transforming your creative process into an enjoyable journey. It's not just a bobbin - it's a companion for your sewing adventures.