Silver Cuddle 3 Extra Wide Solid Minky Fabric per yard

SKU: C3-90-Silver

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Keep things simple and finish your projects the easy way with our exclusive, extra-wide Cuddle® minky plush fabrics! At 90 inches wide, they're perfect for making seamless quilt backings, tablecloths or curtains - or larger-than-life super cozy throw blankets. It's the same irresistibly smooth 100% polyester Cuddle® 3 fabric you already know and love, just wider!

Machine Wash Cold; Tumble Dry Low

Our Silver Cuddle 3 Extra Wide Solid Minky Fabric is perfect for those cozy craft projects. Its luxurious mink-like texture makes it ideal for creating soft, cuddly items such as plush toys, baby blankets, or comfy lounge clothes.

The material is not only phenomenally soft and smooth but is also extra wide. The extra width allows for larger projects without piecing together multiple fabric cuts. This, combined with its unique silver coloration, elevates the fabric’s versatility significantly.

Whether you are an expert on the sewing machine or a newcomer, our Silver minky fabric is workable, adaptable, and easy to handle. With its quality and affordability, it's an unbeatable addition to your fabric collection. Experience the cozy, premium quality of Silver Cuddle 3 Extra Wide Solid Minky Fabric today.